Electric and Gas Fire Sales in Weymouth
Our Dorchester-Based Team Answer Your FAQs

From Charnwood Stoves to Wyvern Fireplaces, we supply the A-Z of top-quality fires, fireplaces, and wood burning stoves to homeowners in Weymouth and the surrounding areas. With 25 currently on display at our fireplace showroom, we can showcase the likes of our Gazco range of gas stoves, the Radiance Chromalight™ surrounds, and the stunning pieces designed and produced by us. There's no one like our long-established company for electric fire sales, gas fire sales, and discounted stoves. 

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Do you have brochures available?

Yes, we do. All products and materials relating to our wood burning stoves, gas, and electric fire sales are available online and in-store at our Dorchester-based fireplace showroom. 

What is HETAS?

The Heating Equipment Testing and Approvals Scheme (HETAS) is a non-profit organisation which approves solid fuel stoves and other similar appliances so they conform with all UK and EU regulations. Using a HETAS-registered installer to fit your new stove, for example, guarantees it complies with the latest standards and is accompanied by a recognised Certificate of Compliance.

Do I have to use a Gas Safe installer to fit my new gas fire?

Wyvern Fireplaces highly recommends that you do this to ensure the safe connection of your new appliance to the gas network. Specialists in gas fire sales, we only work with Gas Safe installers in Weymouth and the surrounding areas and can provide their details when you purchase any of our new fires or discounted stoves.

Can I still use wood in a multi-fuel stove?

Yes, you can. The benefit of duel- or multi-fuel stoves is that you can burn several materials, i.e. coal, peat, smokeless fuels, turf, and wood pellets, as they are manufactured to withstand hotter temperatures. It’s vital you don’t use anything other than timber in wood burning stoves, however, as they are not designed for such extreme heat.

Are your discounted stoves and fireplaces damaged in any way?

They are either ex-display models – such as Charnwood Stoves, Dimplex Fires, or Elgin & Hall Fireplaces – or discontinued fireplaces which we sell off to make way for new products. Our fireplace manufacturers thoroughly check all stock before sale and sell in the same condition as a brand-new model. Call our gas and electric fire sales teams today if you’re looking for a new fire or stove but don’t want to spend too much. 

What are slips?

Many of the surrounds displayed at our fireplace showroom are available to clients across Weymouth with or without slips. These are strips of stone inserted inside a surround to reduce the size of the opening around solid fuel stoves, gas or electric fires. The electric and gas fire sales teams at Wyvern Fireplaces can advise you about adapting your existing surround to suit a new fire or stove.

Do you support UK businesses?

Absolutely! Many of our fires and stoves are manufactured by UK-based companies, which we’re extremely proud to work with. These include:
  • British Fires

  • Charnwood Stoves

  • Elgin & Hall Fireplaces

  • FDC Fireplaces

  • Finesse Fireplaces

  • Focus Fireplaces

  • Gazco Fires

  • Newman Fireplaces

  • Stovax Stoves and Fires

  • Other Discontinued Fireplaces

Where does your business name come from? 

It’s quite appropriate; a wyvern is a mythical fire-breathing creature with the head of a dragon and a barbed tail. It’s frequently seen in heraldry.
For more about our electric and gas fire sales, call 01305 268981 if you’re based in Weymouth or the surrounding areas.