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Charnwood C-Five Multi-fuel Stove
September 4, 2018
Charnwood COUNTRY 4 Wood burning stove
September 4, 2018
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The Woodland Stove

The Woodland

RRP £995.000 inc vat

SPECIAL OFFER £749.00 inc vat (new 6 only)

£599.00( used ex display model 1 only)

The Woodland stove was Best 5kW stove at both Hearth & Home and Build it awards in 2016.
By buying this stove you are contributing £10 to the Woodland Trust, and helping to plant native trees in the UK.
The Woodland is designed for burning wood efficiently and cleanly. Easy to use the Woodland stove has a multipurpose, three way air control adjustment system, allowing for optimum combustion. The tertiary air also aids post combustion of the flue gases; so ultimately, your stove will burn cleanly, creating as much energy from your fuel as possible.

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