Stovax Accessories

Fireplace, Stove & Hearth Accessories

To help maximise your enjoyment from your appliance, Stovax will provide you with the most comprehensive collections of wood burning, multi-fuel, gas or electric accessories, care and maintenance products.



Care & Maintenance Products

Our range of care and maintenance products will help you maintain your stove, fire and fireplace to keep it at optimum performance.



Scuttles & Log Holders

If you own a wood burning or a multi-fuel stove, fire or fireplace; a scuttle, hod or log holder is essential for holding the fuel to replenish the fire. Stovax offers a wide choice of designs in wrought iron, brass, copper and steel to suit both traditional and contemporary decors.



Fire Tools & Sets

If you own a stove, fireplace or fire basket that burns logs or smokeless fuel then you will find a tool set indispensable. It will help you to load fuel, stoke the fire, brush the hearth or shovel ashes and, just as importantly, Stovax offers a wide selection of styles and sizes to suit your needs.



Fire Screens

If you own a stove, fire or fireplace that burns either logs or smokeless fuel, then you may wish to consider using a fire screen as this will help protect from sparks or fuel inadvertently falling onto the hearth. The range of fire screens from Stovax are available in both traditional and contemporary designs and will not only provide a stylish finish to your installation, but also a safety barrier for young children, the elderly or infirm.