Gas Fire Sales in Weymouth, and the Surrounding Areas | Visit Our Dorchester-Based Fireplace Showroom Today

Wyvern Fireplaces proudly displays several top-branded gas fires at our Dorchester-based fireplace showroom. Seeing a working model gives you an excellent understanding of how the appliance works and how well it will look in your Weymouth home. From classic features to modern cassettes, we guarantee there’s a style in store for you in our dedicated gas fire sales department.

We also stock several discounted stoves, So if you’re looking for something in particular, please talk to our in-house team. Images of a wide range of gas fires are also available on our website gallery

Modern and Traditional Gas Fires

Regardless of how similar properties appear outside, all interiors will be unique. This is because everyone has different tastes when it comes to interiors. As a result, the team at Wyvern Fireplaces has specially selected a range of gas fires that will complement even the most eclectic décor.  

For more information about the following products, please contact our friendly and helpful team:

  • Gazco Fires

  • Gazco Stoves

  • Kinder Gas Fires and Fireplaces

  • Kohlangaz Gas Fires

  • Valor Gas Fires

  • Wild Fire Stoves


Why Choose a Gas Fire? 

Besides offering continuous heat without the need for fuel, our gas fire sales team recommends these fires and stoves to customers looking for low-maintenance heat sources. They’re extremely easy to use and effortlessly mimic the look of natural flames. They are also recommended to more environmentally conscious clients because they release less fumes into the air than solid- and multi-fuel stoves or open fires. 
Each of the models we display at our fireplace showroom or sell via our product brochures are easily and quickly installed and, for families in Weymouth and the surrounding areas covered by Wyvern Fireplaces, our glass-fronted gas fires are perfectly safe for children and pets.

Stovax Gazco

As the UK’s largest manufacturer of fires and fireplaces, Stovax supplies several varieties of stunning Gazco fires and stoves. The company is widely recognised for quality, from built-in cassettes to hearth-mounted and freestanding units. Our gas fire sales team can also order accessories for Gazco stoves and fires, including steel benches to replace traditional hearths, complementary log holders – for that authentic look – and recommended maintenance products. 
For more information about our gas fire sales, call 01305 268981 if you’re based in Weymouth or the surrounding areas.