Dru Gas Fire

DRU has been a varied product manufacturer since 1754, from bathtubs to pots and pans and local heating to atmospheric heating. All these products have one aspect in common: simply that they are the best in the world; constantly strive to produce in accordance with the highest quality standards, whilst keeping an eye out for detail and using exclusive designs.
The current product range of gas-fired heaters and wood-fired stoves are the result of many years’ experience and development at the highest level. DRU stoves are developed using low energy consumption, high outputs, are environmentally friendly and do not emit particulates.

110318_logo_hofleverancier-b250-624A stove is never merely a source of heat. It must comprise part of the living room as a design object; one that generates ambience and comfort. Our extensive range of fantastic stoves and heaters offers you a huge variety to choose from. We have models to fit every interior.
DRU is very environmentally aware. All our products meet the strictest quality standards and inspections. In addition, DRU is making sure energy reserves remain intact for future generations. This is why we now support a number of projects, including the Ugandan project where local people are able to plant new trees, with the ultimate goal of becoming more self-sufficient.

DRU Global Gas Fires

Renowned DRU quality for homes on a budget.
DRU Global gas fires offer all the benefits of a quality DRU fires, but at a prices that are affordable for the average household. They have imaginative designs with robust engineering standards and are built to last for years and years to come.

Global gas fires are available in both balanced flue and conventional flue formats. The balanced flue versions can be installed in homes with or without a traditional chimney, offering style, efficiency and flexibility. The conventional flue versions are designed to be inserted into Class 1 British or Irish chimneys, with ease and economy of installation.

Dru 1

Metro 150XT

The ultimate in gas fire size and luxury.
The Metro 150XT gas fire is the largest model in the DRU Metro range of hole-in-the-wall, frameless gas fires. It is 1.5 metres wide and features a fire bed of beautiful logs set off by a border of Carrara stones.

The interior is in mirrored Ceraglass, creating added visual depth to the spectacular flame picture of the fire. It has a generous heat output of 10.8 kw (10.6 kw LPG), with an impressive efficiency rating of 78%, far superior to ordinary gas fires.


DRU Centro 100

Style, form and new technology beautifully combined
Centro 100 is not simply an impressive, modern gas fire. It is also a major step forward in gas fire innovation and technology.
This sleek, contemporary gas fire can be installed in two alternative ways; at floor level or higher as a ‘hole-in-the-wall’ fire.

Either way, it makes a dramatic statement in any living room. There is a choice of authentic logs or smooth grey pebbles for the fire bed. The interior is available in mirrored Ceraglass, smooth black, ribbed cast iron or chunky wood effects.


Global Beau Freestanding Stove

Rustic charm with the convenience of gas
Global Beau is a classic, freestanding gas stove with a conventional flue that is designed to stand alone or be installed into inglenook chimneys. It is available in traditional black or a lustrous ivory finish, has an authentic log fire display and runs on natural gas or LPG.

With a heat output of 3.3 kW it can heat an average sized living room, has high efficiency and remote control operation. With a narrow depth of only 33 cms, it will fit neatly into an existing chimney cavity with minimal building conversion work required.
Global Beau has a large viewing window that gives an uninterrupted view of its realistic log fire display. You can adjust the height of flames and room temperature with the remote control.

And as well as a choice of colour finishes, you can also enhance the beauty of your Global Beau gas stove with decorative chimney backgrounds in grey stone or natural stone finishes.
What better way is there to enjoy those long winter nights or even chilly spring evenings, than to settle down in front of your very own warm, comfortable and stylish Global Beau gas stove.