Chilli Penguin

We also want them to last a long time. We spend a long time in the design and development process to ensure this. Chilli Penguin Stoves have very effective air wash and clean burn systems. All our domestic stoves meet the current and very comprehensive UK and EU standards, some are being DEFRA tested to ensure that they are suitable to burn in smoke control areas.

The stoves efficiency ratings are amoungst the highest currently available in the UK. This means that you will get more heat out of the fuel that you put in. We sell through a carefully selected stockist network so that you will receive accurate, safe and current information to help you select the right stove and ensure it is safely installed and complies with all current regulations. Our stoves are not available online.

cache_2434304963We design and manufacture the Chilli Penguin range of multi fuel stoves, log stores, canal boat flue systems and accessories.

cache_2416348889Well designed, contemporary, top quality, British made stoves

cache_2416348958Our stoves are all designed and manufactured here in Wales.

We are proud to be able to say “made in the UK”.

The Short Penguin

Small in stature but big on personality.

The smallest and of our domestic stoves, equally at a home on land and on the water …a stove you’ll want to come home to. Clean lines, contemporary stainless steel handles, clean burning and very efficient. Equally popular at home and on canal boats.

Simple, small, sensational… can’t go wrong.?
The Short Penguin is available with or without a plinth. All our domestic stoves come with DEFRA conversion kit which can be fitted if you live in an area which is within a smoke control zone.

Short penguin


The Slim Stove with Big World Views

Woody is a 5kw multifuel stove with a landscape window offering a really generous view of the fire. It is our slimmest stove with a depth of only 285mm making it suitable for shallow fireplace recesses. The size of the firebox allows for a longer length log than many of our other models.

It is also our most efficient stove. It reaches a remarkable 87% efficiency burning coal products and 82% efficiency burning wood. It utilises the same chilli penguin clean burn and air wash technology as all our stoves.
If you have got a big space in your life then Woody is the one for you, generously proportioned, incredibly efficient and quietly, modestly

Woody 2

The Hungry Penguin

The original Chilli Penguin, the one that started the company.

It began life as the Standard Penguin but we realised that there is nothing standard about it! This stove does it all, it keeps you warm, cooks your dinner, makes you tea and if you’ve got a boiler model it will heat your bath for you as well.
The small oven box is able to reach a max temperature of 300 degrees C. It can tick away nicely between 140 -180 degrees C and you can boil a kettle of water on the hotplate.

It is a different experience to cooking with plug in power, but you’re off grid and the stoves on anyway!
Ideal for canal boats, studios and anyone who doesn’t want to be reliant on mains gas and electricity. If you’re trying to reduce your carbon footprint or your fuel bill being able to heat and cook from the same fuel load makes alot of sense.

Hungry Penguin

The Fat Penguin

Big, fat and beautiful, when something smaller just won’t do.

The Fat Penguin has all the features of the Hungry Penguin, it will warm you, feed you and make you a brew but the side convection panels make it wider. The output is still 5kW but this is a bigger, bolder looking penguin. The extra width means a bigger top plate so if you are cooking on it you will have more room.

The side convection panels mean that the side surface temperature is cooler as it promotes air flow from beneath the stove convecting heat out at the top. The Fat Penguin is available with a glass oven door. With this option there is no separate ash door, the ash door is accessed via the main glass door.

Fat Penguin

Penguin 8

The big boy of the penguin family, cool, classic, contemporary, awesomely simple, simple awesome.

This is 8 kW of warm glowing chilli-hot heat. The generous clear glass window offers a huge view of the fire and it takes logs measuring up to 430mm. It is also available with a plinth. There is a DEFRA kit available for the Penguin 8. With the DEFRA kit fitted the Penguin 8 can be used in smoke control areas.

Penguin 8

Colours Available